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Powerful, handcrafted spiritual healing tools made in Michigan. Cleanse your personal space, home or office from negative energy and replenish it with the radiant energy of Orgonite.

Crystals & Gems by their Uses

Gary Fields

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Abdomen - fire opal, smoky quartz, variscite

Absent-Mindedness - carnelian

Acne can be a stubborn, persistant condition that should be treated internally, as well as externally. Amethyst is the great detoxer! Make a gem essence from amethyst and use it under the tongue, 8-10 drops under the tongue, 3-4 times a day. Use 2 droppers full in the bath. Blend 20 drops into massage oil and body/skin lotions. Add it to all acne cleansers. Also consider amethyst, aventurine, clear quartz

Addictions - amethyst, bloodstone, fluorite, kunzite, labradorite, quartz, ruby

Air Purifier - quartz

Air Travel Stress - hematite

Anemia - coral, garnet, kunzite, ruby, tourmaline

Anger - apatite, apophyllite, aventurine, blue-lace agate, blue calcite, chrysoprase, citrine, garnet, moss-agate, ruby

Anxiety - apophyllite, blue calcite, cerussite, howlite, kunzite, malachite, pyrite, rhodonite, turquoise

Appendix - chrysolite (also called chrysoberyl, olivine, peridot) 

Arthritis - blue lace agate, apatite, azurite, green calcite, carnelian, chrysocolla, copper, eilat, fluorite, magnetic hematite, malachite, black tourmaline, turquoise

Artistic Growth - blue topaz

Asthma is a disorder, which affects the lungs. It causes repeated episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and nighttime or early morning coughing. Doing relaxation techniques such as a crystal grid meditation with angelite at the Throat Chakra, rhodochrosite at the Heart Chakra and pyrite at the Solar Plexus is a calming trio. This meditation grid benefits lung function by affecting emotional processes, muscles, and breathing. A warm bath with malachite is a soothing remedy. Also consider amber, iolite, lapis lazuli, morganite and rutilated quartz.

Astral Projection/Travel - celestite, angelite, hematite, phenacite

Aura Cleanser - lapis lazuli, 
sugilite, moldavite

Awareness - green calcite, orange calcite, celestite



Back Problems - petrified wood, tourmaline

Bladder Trouble - amber, coral, jade, jasper

Blood Circulation (poor) - citrine, hematite, ruby, yellow topaz

Blood Disease - amethyst, chrysoprase, and jasper, ruby

Blood Pressure - aventurine, sodalite, black or green tourmaline

Body Aches (general) - chrysocolla, copper, dolomite, malachite, quartz

Bone Aches - chrysocolla, copper, dolomite, fluorite, lapis lazuli

Bone Marrow - amber, chalcedony

Bronchitis - rutilated quartz

Burns – chrysoprase



Calms Body - agate, celestite, yellow topaz, blue topaz

Calms Mind - agate (blue lace), amazonite, amethyst, blue topaz

Cervix - zoisite

Chakras Balanced - hematite, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, chelcedony, amethyst, clear quartz

Chakras Opened - fluorite, kyanite, quartz crystal

Cheerfulness - citrine, calcite (orange), ruby, tourmaline

Clairvoyance - chrysoprase

Colds/Flu - carnelian, agate (moss), fluorite, jet, green opal, yellow topaz

Colic - coral

Comfort - gold calcite, dioptase

Communication - aqua aura, aquamarine, angelite, chelcedony, lapis lazuli

Compassion - chrysoprase

Concentration - hematite, blue topaz

Confidence, Self - agate, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, charoite, diamond, garnet, hematite, peridot, quartz, turquoise

Creativity - amazonite, aquamarine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, quartz, turquoise


Depression is the most prevalent of all the emotional disorders. Symptoms may vary from feelings of minor sadness to sheer misery. When sadness persists and impairs daily life, it maybe an indication of a depressive disorder. Create a Crystal Net with clear quartz. Use any energizing grid that encircles the body. Choose a pink or green stone such as rose quartz or aventurine and place it at the Heart Chakra. Relax with this configuration for about 15-20 minutes. Also consider blue lace agate, hematite, sunstone, fire opal, amber, pyrite, jet, lapis lazuli, moonstone

Diabetes - citrine

Diarrhea - quartz crystal

Digestion - howlite, yellow jade, jasper, peridot

Direction in Life - citrine

Dizziness - hematite, quartz crystal

Doubt - staurolite

Dream Inducer- amethyst, barite, hematite, herkimer diamond, moldavite, rhodochrosite

Dreams, Intuitive - amethyst, jade

Drunkeness – amethyst



Ear (Inner) - rhodonite

Earache - amber

Eloquence - agate, amazonite, blue lace agate, turquoise

Emotions (bad) - peridot

Emotions (blocked) - kunzite, tourmaline

Emotions (calms) - moonstone, rose quartz

Emotions (erratic) - herderite, selenite


ENDURANCE- sodalite

ENERGY- garnet, hematite, kyanite, rhodonite, ruby


ENERGY (Physical)- petrified wood

EYES- amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, optical calcite, jade, jet, lapis lazuli, lazurite, obsidian snowflake, peridot, rhodochrosite

EYESIGHT- malachite



FAITH- sapphire

FALLOPIAN TUBES- chrysoprase

FEAR (banishes)- agate, green calcite, charoite, diamond, jet

FERTILITY- carnelian, zoisite

FEVER (reduction)- agate, chrysoprase, peridot, ruby

FORGIVENESS- rhodochrosite

FRIENDSHIP- lapis lazuli, moonstone, rose quartz, sapphire, tourmaline, turquoise

FRUSTRATION- howlite, moss-agate



GALL BLADDER- orange calcite

GLANDS- aquamarine

GRIEF- amethyst, apache tear

GROUNDING- apache tear, carnelian, fluorite, hematite, morion crystal, obsidian snowflake, smoky quartz, tourmaline, unakite



HEMORRHAGE- quartz crystal, sapphire

HAPPINESS-citrine, calcite, howlite, malachite

Headaches refer to pain in the head and sometimes neck. Lower Chakra technique: this technique is applied to bring the energy down from the head and ground it. Place an amethyst on the Third Eye Chakra, lapis lazuli at the Throat Chakra and smoky quartz at the Root Chakra. Relax with this configuration for about 15-20 minutes. Also consider clear quartz and rose quartz

HEALING (general)- agate, amethyst, azurite, boji stone, gold calcite, dioptase,fluorite, kunzite, quartz crystal

HEARING- agate, rhodonite

HEART- aqua-aura, beryl, blue quartz, chalcedony, hematite, lapis lazuli, onyx

HIP- petrified wood

HOSTILITY (fear of)- grossuralite

HUMILITY- chrysoprase

HYPERTENSION- apatite, aventurine

HYPOCHONDRIA- quartz crystal, tiger's eye 



IDEALISM- bloodstone

IMAGINATION- galena, garnet, rose quartz, sapphire

IMMUNE SYSTEM- snow quartz

IMPOTENCE- carnelian

INFECTION (protection)- garnet, pearl

INFERTILITY- carnelian, zoisite

INFLAMMATION- blue-lace agate

INSIGHT INTO SELF- tiger's eye

INSOMNIA- amethyst, aventurine, emerald, hematite, jacinth, peridot, sapphire, blue sodalite, yellow topaz, zircon

INSPIRATION- tourmaline

INTELLECT- emerald, rose quartz, yellow topaz


INTUITIVE AWARENESS- amethyst, green calcite, ruby, turquoise



JOINTS (pain in)- azurite



KIDNEYS- anhydrite, bloodstone, green calcite, jade, rhodochrosite, quartz crystal, smoky quartz

KINDNESS- chrysoprase

KNOWLEDGE OF SELF- citrine, watermelon/pink tourmaline



LARYNGITIS- turquoise

LARYNX- morganite

LEADERSHIP- blue topaz

LIVER- aquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, lazurite, yellow topaz, zircon

LOGIC- sodalite

LONG LIFE- moonstone

LOVE- dioptase, emerald, garnet, moonstone, opal, rhodochrosite, rose quartz, sapphire

LOYALTY- kyanite, moonstone

LUCK- smoky quartz, tiger's eye

LYMPH GLANDS- tourmaline



MEDITATION- amethyst, apache tear, aqua-aura, azurite, chrysoprase, kunzite, magnetite, quartz crystal, selenite, snow quartz, tourmaline, turquoise

MEMORY- howlite

MENSTRUATION- carnelian, chrysoprase, malachite, moonstone, ruby

MENTAL BREAKDOWN- rhodochrosite, smithsonite

Mental Cleanser - lapis 1azuli, malachite

Mental Disorders - beryl, bloodstone

Mental Power - selenite

Metabolism, (growth) - amazonite

Migraine - amethyst aventurine, jet, lapis, smoky quartz

Mind (troubled) - jasper

Miscarriage - chrysoprase

Misfortune - tourmaline

Motor Response - apatite, black tourmaline

Mouth - beryl

Muscle Aches - chrysocolla, copper, diopside, dolomite, jade, larimar, lepidolite, quartz crystal

Muscle Aches - chrysocolla, copper, diopside, dolomite, jade, larimar, lepidolite, quartz crystal

Myasthenia gravis - bloodstone, green tourmaline



Neck Strain - chrysoprase, copper

Negative Patterns (recognizing) - snowflake obsidian

Negative Vibrations - amethyst, chrysocolla, dolomite, fluorite, obsidian, peridot, quartz crystal, smoky quartz, black tourmaline

Nervousness - sapphire, turquoise

Nervous System - amazonite, amber, aquamarine, chrysocolla, chrysoprase, galena, jasper, morganite, peridot, yellow topaz, black tourmaline, green tourmaline

Neuralgia - amethyst, aquamarine, carnelian



Occult Powers - peridot

Optimism - amber, aquamarine, citrine, clear quartz

Ovaries - anhydrite, atacamite, chrysoprase, moonstone, smoky quartz



Pain (eases) - copper, eilat stone, hematite, malachite, quartz crystal, turquoise

Pancreas - alexandrite, green calcite, rhodochrosite, smoky quartz

Past-Life Recall - garnet, kyanite, petrified wood, quartz, selenite

Patience - chrysoprase

Peace (of mind) - amethyst, angelite, blue calcite, celestite, hematite, kyanite, obsidian, quartz, rose quartz, tiger's eye, turquoise

Pineal Gland - lazulite, sugilite

Pituitary - sugilite

Pneumonia - fluorite

Prophecy - emerald

Prostate - chrysoprase

Protection - bloodstone, carnelian, hematite, jade, jet, obsidian, sardonyx, turquoise

Psychic Development - azurite, howlite, lapis lazuli, opal, yellow topaz, blue topaz

Psycho-somatic Pain - bloodstone, tiger's eye

Pulse (rapid) - hematite

Pulse (steady) - jasper

Purifier - smoky quartz







Rheumatism - amber, boji stones, carnelian, copper, eilat stone, malachite, ruby
Rigid Mind - sodalite



Schizophrenia - larimar, lepidolite

Scrying - crystal ball, crystal runes, snow river quartz, crystal tarot,

Self-Confidence - calcite, charoite, galena, hematite, peridot, quartz, ruby, turquoise

Self-Control - sardonyx

Self-Love - rose quartz

Self-Worth (lack of) - yellow calcite, hematite, Isis crystal

Self Sabotage - yellow calcite, rose quartz

Sex (improved) - garnet, smoky quartz

Shoulder Strain - chrysoprase, copper, eilat

Shyness - orange calcite, yellow calcite, lepidolite

Skin Diseases - agate, garnet, quartz, sulphur

Sorrow (eased) - amethyst, angelite, apache tears, azurite, chrysoprase, heulandite, jet, smoky quartz, black tourmaline

Spasms - ruby

Spine (degenerative) - abalone, tourmaline

Spiritual Cleanser - lapis lazuli

Spiritual Gifts - angelite, celestite, chiastolite, quartz crystal, blue topaz, staurolite

Spleen (strengthens) - albite, alexandrite, bloodstone, green calcite, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite

Star Sources - moldavite, tektite

Stammering - apatite, blue tourmaline

Stomach - aquamarine, beryl, chrysocolla, citrine, jasper

Stomach Ulcers - chrysocolla

Stress - amethyst, blue-lace agate, herkimer diamond, howlite, kunzite, labradorite, lepidolite, golden topaz, staurolite, sunstone, turquoise

Stroke - lapis lazuli

Stupidity - beryl



Talent - bloodstone

Teeth - aquamarine, fluorite

Tension (emotional) - amethyst, blue-lace agate, celestite, dioptase, tiger's eye

Tension (muscular) - smithsonite

Testicles - alexandrite, chrysoprase, smoky quartz, zoisite

Thinking (improve) - amazonite, tiger's eye

Thought (clear) - aquamarine, carnelian, celestite, sardonyx

Throat (Chakra opened) - aqua-aura, aquamarine, chalcedony, blue, blue lace agate, larimar, 

Throat Infections - amber, aqua-aura, aquamarine, beryl, blue lace agate, larimar, blue topaz

Thymus (strengthens) - albite, aqua-aura, blue quartz

Thyroid - galena, chrysoprase, morganite, blue tourmaline, blue lace agate, celestite, angelite

Tolerance - chrysoprase

Tonic, General - garnet, peridot

Toothache - aquamarine, malachite

Trauma - aqua-aura, aventurine, carnelian, kyanite, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rose quartz, rutilated quartz



Ulcers - agate


Varicose Veins - golden topaz

Viral Infections – fluorite

Visualizations – selenite

Vitality (improving) - agate, aventurine, bloodstone, orange calcite, diamond

Vitamin Absorption - carnelian, garnet, rhodonite

Vocal Problems - chrysoprase, sodalite

Voice Strengthened - carnelian, kyanite, blue





Whooping Cough - amber, blue lace agate, coral, topaz

Will Power - calcite, yellow, orange, chrysoprase, hematite, rutilated quartz, sardonyx, tiger's eye

Wisdom - beryl, chrysoprase, jade, lapis lazuli, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, crystal medicine pouch, GemEnergy ® (sapphire) 

Worry - amber, citrine, hematite, heulandite, smoky quartz, hematite

Wounds - amber, calcite, carnelian, fluorite, mookaite, rhodonite, smithsonite